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 GCARES  Greene County, Ohio
  Greene County Amateur Radio Emergency Service
     Prepared for emergency communication when needed.
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     How is GCARES organized?
     GCARES is headed by the county Emergency Coodinator, Henry Ruminski, W8HJR, who has appointed Assistant Emergency Coordinators (AEC's) to effectively manage respective functions and geographical areas of the GCARES unit. GCARES has an AEC for each Greene County township (and the communities within) who is the direct contact for the respective local government agencies. GCARES also has AEC positions for Logistics, Personnel, Events, Training and Technical functions and a Public Information Officer, PIO.
    The AEC's and the EC constitute the GCARES Planning Committee which meets periodically to review and update the GCARES Emergency Operations Plan, to plan and evaluate ARES activities, projects and drills to keep the GCARES group active, well-trained and prepared to respond.

    GCARES members include personnel associated with the Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club (BARC), the Upper Valley Amateur Radio Club (UVARC--Fairborn), the Xenia Weather Amateur Radio Net (XWARN), the Beavercreek area amateur radio emergency group [being formed], the WPAFB amateur radio group, the Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS), and the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), plus other individual Greene County hams.
     GCARES has recently completed Memoranda of Understanding with the Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club, the Upper Valley Amateur Radio Club (Fairborn), the Xenia Weather Amateur Radio Net and the American Red Cross Dayton Area Chapter (& its Greene County Service Centers). MOUs with other served agencies also are being developed.
    GCARES maintains a list of registered members who are issued ID Cards. Orientation Training Sessions update new and renewing members on the latest GCARES policies and procedures, Emergency Operations Plan and the Frequency Plan. Please go to the  "Membership" link for more information about joining GCARES