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 GCARES  Greene County, Ohio
  Greene County Amateur Radio Emergency Service
     Prepared for emergency communication when needed.
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     What is GCARES?
    The Greene County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (GCARES) is a countywide organization of volunteer amateur radio operators dedicated to training and preparedness to provide supplemental communications support for local governments and other non-profit disaster relief organizations within Greene County in the event of a disaster or other emergency when normal communication systems become disrupted or inadequate
     The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is a nationwide field organization sponsored by ARRL and managed by Emergency Coordinators at the state, district and county level. It is at the county level where most of the emergency preparedness planning, organizing and training is accomplished, because this is the level at which most emergencies occur and the level at which ARES leaders have direct contact with ARES members, with amateur radio clubs and groups, and with officials of the served agencies.
    GCARES is responsible for planning and coordinating overall countywide emergency preparedness and operations in Greene County. GCARES currently is comprised of over 150 licensed amateurs who reside and/or work within Greene County and who have voluntarily registered their equipment and skills and have expressed a strong desire to organize, train and be prepared to provide auxiliary communications support for public safety agencies and other relief organizations when disaster strikes or whenever called upon.
   The on-going objective of GCARES is to maintain a sufficient degree of preparedness of local amateur radio personnel & resources to deliver reliable and effective communications support when needed.      Return to GCARES