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Amateur Radio operators provide a vital communications link in the event of disasters that disrupt normal means of communications such as telephones, cell phones and police, and fire agency’s radio systems. Often in the aftermath of hurricanes or tornados normal communications are destroyed and will take hours or even days to be restored. This is where ARES ham radio operators step in. With our knowledge and flexible equipment we are able to quickly re-establish communications between the various agency’s so that they may coordinate their rescue / damage assessment operations.

During such an operation, we do not become policemen or firemen, but rather often simply ride along or are posted at strategic locations to provide the communications link. At emergency shelters, Ham radio operators provide health and welfare information to needed personnel.

We are not first responders as such, but do respond at the request of civil authorities.

ARES is often associated with Skywarn weather watch groups. In coordinated efforts with the National Weather Service, Ham Operators have been trained to spot the signs of severe weather and give real time reports to the NWS to help them determine when to issue warnings.

The national hurricane watch system is also supplanted by Ham Radio Operators, again to provide real time reports, and health and welfare information.

Ham Radio was recently used to provide Health & Welfare and emergency information during the numerous floods, wildfires and numerous hurricanes that hit our country in the last few years.

Many ARES groups were used during the WTC and Pentagon Disasters of 9/11. The damage to normal communications took weeks to restore. Ham Radio operators were there by the hundreds, and many more were “on alert” as relief had the need continued.

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Amateur Radio Saves Lives!