Ohio NVIS Day 2024 Update 4/23/2024

Update 4//23/2024

Saturday, April 27, is NVIS Day in Ohio. Please read the attached document from the SEC.

I have mowed the grass in my back yard so that we can set up an XWARN operation involving antennas strung from the trees. If you want to experience NVIS, plan to join us. All are welcome, but I request that you tell me that you are planning to come as we will have a cook out for lunch. Indicate your preference for hot dogs or hamburgers.

The on air activity is scheduled to begin at 1000, but I will be out in the yard getting antennas ready no later than 0900.

I have a lot of space in my driveway and you are welcome to park there, but please pull forward and make room for others.

3852 Rosecliff Dr
Beavercreek OH 45440


Bob Baker N8ADO

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It’s coming! Ohio NVIS Day 2024 will be held Saturday April 27, from 10 AM until 4 PM EDT.

The purpose of NVIS day is to construct and try various antenna ideas, all working as NVIS (Near Vertical
Incident Skywave) antennas. These antennas are low to the ground and provide coverage generally within a
400 mile radius – extremely important for regional HF communications in an emergency.

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