Winlink Nodes Now KD3WCO-10

Thank you very much for your patience with our transition to the new callsign. Following the passing of Wynn Rollert, W6CDR, we had to move the VARA Winlink node to a new location and then take both the Packet and VARA nodes off-line since we could not legally use the W6CDR callsign. I am happy to report that both the Packet (145.010) and VARA (145.030) Winlink Nodes are both back on the air with the new callsign KD3WCO-10!!

KD3WCO is the District 3 West Central Ohio ARES callsign for which John Westerkamp, W8LRJ, is the Trustee, so we should be all set with our new location and callsign. I do not anticipate any remaining issues; however, if you have any problems with the system, please let me know and I will look into it.

Finally, don’t forget to update your connection scripts or Connection Callsign in Winlink Express to the new KD3WCO-10 (previously W6CDR-10)